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August 2, 2011.

To Whom It May Concern

I met Dr. Paul Jang about 20 years ago. He is a natural healer, ordained pastor and community leader.
He came from a long line of natural healers. I became his patient five years ago and observed how he
works as a healer and a leader. He gives his patients intensive individual care. For those who are
sick, alone, broke, he gives them extra effort. He cares about people and is quick to lavish praise on
them. In so doing, he nurtured and developed the people around him into a strong team.

He is a firm believer that natural healing gives prompt, quality health care, available and affordable for
everybody and sustainable for the future. The post-war babies are reaching old age. Our health care
system is taxed to the limit. Something has to be done. The problem will become worse in five to ten
years and it will be too late to do anything. Dr. Jang believes that cheap and effective methods of
treatment from alternative medicine will cut down the amount of money spent on drug research and
reduce the incidents of side effects from the use of drugs.

In recent years, he has been magnificently obsessed with the promotion of iridology by getting this
technology recognized by mainstream professionals, as well as the Ontario Government. It is based on
the knowledge that our entire internal system (history of sicknesses, wounds, recoveries of past illnesses,
medication habits, emotional patterns and behavior) from past to present is registered and reflected into
our iris which is known to be the door to our soul. By studying the iris, one can arrive at an early
detection and treatment of illnesses. To promote iridology, Dr. Jang founded the Iridology and
Reflexology Nature Health Association of Canada which currently has a membership of over 500 and is
still growing.

Dr. Jang is a visionary, a man of action, a man of ability, integrity, compassion and altruism. It is
people like him who keep our Canadian families healthy, our work force competitive and the “true North
strong and free.” He has my support for whatever he wants to do.

Peter Lam

Yours truly,

Peter Lam, B.A. (Manitoba); M.A. (Johns Hopkins)

Certified Canadian Immigration Consultant