Iridology Intermediate Course

Standard of iridologist﹕ Analysis iris changes without the software, and use the software effectively to provide service for client, help them improve their health. Such as reflexology therapy, food therapy, etc., also able to follow up any case.


• Course content

Can recognize 32 type of phenomenon,

can’t recognize 23 type of phenomenon;

Recognize 12 big symptoms;

Understanding health;

How to take precaution of disease;

Eye massage;

Use reflexology therapy improve physical health;

Help client to guard against disease



• Qualification﹕Students who must pass the iridology beginner class with outstanding mark, after completion of this course will have a chance to take the advance course and train to be a professional iridologist.


• Fee: Call for detail, upgrade computer software extra


 Time﹕Total 8 Class, 16 hours with extra practical time and 10 volunteering working cases.


Student with passing park will issue certificate, and also can apply the Government Holistic Licence