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  Gastroptosis etiology       A healthy stomach, either sitting or standing, shape of the stomach changed very little.  However, if someone have the gastroptosis problem the stomach when standing, the lower edge of the stomach would reaches the pelvic.     Gastroptosis etiology is still unclear. The stomach was normally hold and surround with […]


Born in 1949 in China, Paul Jang moved to Kowloon, HongKong with his family at the age of 5 to reunite with his grandfather, Chief General of the Chinese Army, Central Post 18. Jang attended a nun’s catholic school for his primary education. Jang’s interest in Medicine started at the age of 7 years old, […]

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Peter T. Lam Associates 720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 312, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2T9                                                     Tel: (416) 9753825     (416) 402 2678         Fax: (416) 927 7101      email: Peter T. Lam is a Member of the Canadian Society ofImmigration Consultants August 2, 2011. To Whom It May Concern I met Dr. Paul Jang […]

Iridology Advance Course

After graduated, can get the Naturopath Certificate Licence, student should learn the iridology analysis, and skin type analysis, internal organ and bacteriololgy﹐both theory and practice, able to handle individual case. Applicant should finish the iridology beginner course and intermediate course. • Fee: Call for detail • Time﹕Minimum 1200 learning and practical hours with volunteer working cases. • After graduated […]

Iridology Intermediate Course

Standard of iridologist﹕ Analysis iris changes without the software, and use the software effectively to provide service for client, help them improve their health. Such as reflexology therapy, food therapy, etc., also able to follow up any case.   • Course content﹕ Can recognize 32 type of phenomenon, can’t recognize 23 type of phenomenon; Recognize 12 big […]

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College of Naturopathy and Acupuncture  (C.O.N.A.A)  is found by Dr. Paul Jiang